We help people step into change and bring their ideas to life!


We work with individuals, businesses & community groups to help them develop and grow.

Passion for people

People and their projects are our passion and it is a privilege to partner with our clients as they bring their unique contribution to our world to life. Our approach brings out the strengths of each of our clients and helps them to be better equipped to make a difference in their world using strategy tailored to their needs that always keeps wellness in mind. This enables both client and project to thrive in a richer and more dynamic way.


We work alongside a variety of individuals, small businesses and community groups to help them design and develop their ideas, vision, strategy and pathway to achieving their vision.  We come on board as an encouraging partner as and when required to share relevant research, insight, knowledge and experience. We help our clients develop workable process and strategy to get the action happening so they can move forward with confidence and be inspired by their results.

The experience

Our hope is that in using our service our clients will feel equipped and empowered in their way forward giving them a distinctive and competitive edge in whatever arena they are in.  We are part design thinker, researcher, innovator, developer, strategist, facilitator and encourager.  Our clients get the benefit of our input when and where they need it and we have their very best interests at heart.  

Your Growth Partner

Becky Sharman is the founder of Business Repurposed.  Becky has over 20 years experience working with people in the business and social service arenas. Her background is wide ranging including social work, coaching, facilitating and training groups, managing people, business start ups, business scale ups, not-for-profit work and beyond. This background, a continual thirst for knowledge and an ever growing desire to help people through sharing insight, research, connections, knowledge and resources has resulted in the establishment of Business Repurposed.

Becky has a massive heart for growing healthy people, businesses and communities.  She believes that reaching out and working together leads to awesome vision, strategy and ultimately growth that impacts our communities for the better.  She has a knack for connecting big vision with the research, connections and strategies that help make this vision become a reality for the people in front of her starting one conversation at a time.  Sitting down to discuss the "where to from here" is one of her favourite things to do and she would love to chat with you about your needs and ideas.  To connect with Becky go to our Let's Talk page.

Our company

Always connecting and working together is a founding principle at Business Repurposed and thus Becky keeps company with a group of related partner businesses who advise her, keep her growing & inspired.  We are always working on growing ourselves, our own businesses and community interests and believe that this gives our clients an innovative edge as we are living what we talk about with our clients every day.  At times where appropriate and in consultation with our clients we will partner together to deliver an even more wide ranging and deeper service than usual.

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