We help people define their business offerings and equip them with the tools to bring them alive seamlessly online and in brick and mortar settings

We love working with people in the helping arena and with small family businesses

We help you to shine in a crowded marketplace

Helping helpers to serve their people is our passion and it is a privilege to partner with our clients as they bring their unique contribution to the world alive. Our approach helps our clients to see the possibilities for their skills and knowledge in the virtual marketplace.  We help them diversify their business offerings creating a more sustainable and effective business.  Our clients are continually delighted with how we support them to develop their business in both virtual and face to face settings with professional credibility.  The world is changing fast and we must adapt the delivery of our missions around this.

Defining what you do & building infrastructure around this

We work alongside a variety of helping professionals, small businesses and changemaking organisations to help them define who they are.  We help with creating a story that goes with your service that connects with your people. We then build your virtual business presence and infrastructure around this creatively with clever business insight and professionalism.   From idea beginnings and their related business development through to designing beautifully integrated websites, online business offerings, programmes and beyond.  We are on the journey supporting you with the strategy and tools you need so you can get on and do what you do best.

Growing a vibrant authentic business that serves you

Our hope is that in using our service our clients will feel equipped and empowered in their way forward giving them a distinctive and competitive advantage in whatever arena they are in.   We are part business design thinker, researcher, developer, strategist and website designer along with a range of other relevant and helpful services in our toolkit.  All these combine to deliver a unique service and experience to our clients.  Our clients get the benefit of our input when and where they need it and we have their very best interests at heart.  

We have a soft spot for people in the helping arenas and here is why...

Meet Becky

Growth Partner
Business Wellness Enthusiast

Becky Sharman is the founder of Business Repurposed.  She started her consultancy a few years ago to help support people bring their ideas to life.  Since then Becky has noticed that all of her clients are helpers and changemakers serving communities through their work.  Becky is a qualified Social Worker whose experience also includes business start ups, business scale ups, not-for-profit work, coaching and managing people, and facilitating and training groups in social service, community and business arenas.  Becky believes it is this interesting combination that equips her well to understand and connect with people who are helpers and changemakers, and why she brings a unique approach to supporting them in their business missions.

With Becky on your case you can feel confident that you have a dedicated supporter on your team.  She has your overall business wellness in mind as well as your own, along with a deep wisdom on how these fit together.  Her knowledge, skills and expertise combined with her friendly yet focused approach to keep you on task will have you feeling supported and confident you are putting the very best of you and what you do out there.

We are a boutique family owned company

We are small yet mighty which means always connecting and working together is a founding principle at Business Repurposed. We keep company with a group of related partner businesses who advise us, keep us growing & inspired.  We are always working on growing ourselves, our own businesses and community interests and believe that this gives our clients an innovative edge as we are living what we talk about with our clients every day.  At times where relevant and in consultation with our clients we will partner together to deliver an even more wide ranging and deeper service than usual.

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We are a proud Rocketspark Design Partner

We love using their Design platform to build beautiful websites that are easy to maintain with the added peace of mind that their headquarters are just along the road from ours if we need anything


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