We appreciate that it is often a big step to share your thinking with someone. We offer a half hour complementary and confidential chat to get to know each other, talk about how we might work together and assess if we are a good fit.

Beyond this meeting we can work with you on any, all or a combination of the following that is tailored to you and your needs.

Vision, Ideas & Research

This is where our strategy evolves from.  We get very excited about ideas and we just love working together with our clients to generate and develop them.  We help our clients sort through and find the ones that can help them achieve their vision. We have a natural hunger for finding the most intelligent and relevant research to ensure the vision being developed has innovative edge, is strategically sound, and is on track to achieve the mission that has been set.

Story Development & Website Design

We can help you with the look and feel of your business.  We give ideas on how to develop a story that appeals to your mission and is relevant and create copy for this if required.  We design and build authentic websites for our clients that help them bring to life the story we help them create.  We can help grow your knowledge in marketing and help you develop a marketing approach that is specifically tailored to your needs.

Project & Programme Development

We help people who have an idea for a business, project or programme they would like to develop but are not sure how to get beyond the idea stage and get it out there.  We love to work with people to help them grow vibrant initiatives that fit around who they are and help them get more out of life. We walk with our clients to offer insight, research, strategy, tools and creative support to keep them on track as they make the transition from idea to action and beyond.  This saves time and money and ultimately leads to development and growth more quickly with fewer mistakes being made.  

Being a Strategic Thinking Partner

Sometimes it is the case that our clients are surrounded with strategic thinking challenges and problems to be solved and they need another strategic thinker in the picture. We are often found helping our clients through tricky issues or helping them plan for the journey ahead. We love to be in the midst of this working through the challenges and helping our clients develop robust strategies and plans for moving forward with confidence.

Helping you get the best out of you and your people

We bring fresh perspective and insight to any situation and are wellness focused always.  We appreciate that any initiative is only as good as the people in it and how they work together.  We help our clients to see the strengths in themselves and the people they work with in all they do.  We have a knack for seeing how different skill and talent sets can be used in a variety of ways so that our clients feel inspired and are more productive.  We also bring with us time efficient tools for building resilience and stress management. These are different to what are traditionally offered and we love to teach these if a client would like to learn.

"We have been working with Becky for a number of years and have felt her insight and advice to be spot on. Becky takes the time to truly get to know you and your organisation to help you to tell the story of who you are in a professional but authentic way. We are a Māori business and Becky innately understands our culture, tikanga and values and how to integrate this seamlessly into our business story, celebrating its uniqueness. She is also competent and confident working in a kaupapa Māori way and appreciates the importance of this in expressing who we are. She is adept at helping to identify individual strengths and highlighting these to hone your business or professional niche. She is comfortable asking the hard questions and keeping you accountable to ensure you are prioritising your own well-being as well as your business goals.  It has been a privilege and we have found real value in having Becky walk alongside us on our professional journey."

James & Amy Whetū

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