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Website Development & Growth Partnering Packages

Website Development

Website Design

We specialise in helping you develop your unique offering online and getting it out there through optimised story online.  We mesh what you do with your industry and deliver a website that helps you merge professional credibility for in person work on the ground through to entrepreneurial ventures that you may have in mind.  Our websites are a beautiful reflection of the people we work with, their integrity and their vision as well as being credible in the range of marketplaces they need to connect with.  For full details on how many hours might be required for your unique situation please connect with us so you have a clear indication of cost.

Investment $85 plus GST per hour

Vision + Research + Website

This package involves spending time together with you to unpack your ideas for your project and explore how they might be brought to life. This can be done outdoors in nature, inside or via an online meeting.  These sessions are great fun, rich in learning and it is always a thrill to see how the ideas lead to possibilities when you spend time with us.  We have a special knack for pulling what is possible out of you, and equipping you with the tools you need to make it happen.

This package includes:

  •  Up to three hours spent on one-to-one 'Visioning'
  • Two hours research from us with related written communication about how we can develop your business infrastructure integrating both the offline and online marketplaces
  • A one hour follow up consultation to help fine-tune your plan so it is action worthy!
  • A fully tailored website with copy that reflects who you are and what you do beautifully with integrity including up to 6 pages, up to 10 products/services listed through an e-commerce platform(if required), social media integration & SEO work
  • A training session on how to update your website using the Rocketspark Platfrom and related business tricks & tips.  If you would prefer to engage us to update your website then this session can be more focused on business tricks & tips.

Investment $2900 plus GST

Website + Nourish + Grow

This package includes Vision + Research + Website and three months of Nourish + Grow Growth Partnering support with a three hour offering.  This is a proactive way to get some real traction to bring your mission alive with plenty of support in the background to help with insight and deal with overwhelm!  This package is a cost effective option if you are really wanting to keep momentum and get productive habits in place using your new business tools so you thrive.

Investment $3150 plus GST


Growth Partnering

The Hour Together

One hour once a month where we catch up via Zoom or in person in this Growth Partnering relationship.  This is an offering of encouragement, insight and fresh perspective.  This is focused support where it is needed most with our lens applied to your circumstances to equip and empower you on your way forward.  This is booked ahead of time from month to month for regular input so you receive maximum benefit from The Hour Together.  This package can be used as a stand alone and is also often used following website completion to support you in achieving your vision.

Investment $99 plus GST per month 

Nourish + Grow

This package includes four hours work with you per month to get you where you are needing to go productively and effectively with less overwhelm and greater calm.  You get to choose how the four hours are spent, but a common example could be two hours of Growth Partnering catch ups throughout the month supporting you with focused development and two hours of us working on your projects via research, project/programme development, content writing, vision & story development, and other approaches to get you and what you do out there and thriving! 

All of this work has our lens applied along with the vision we have worked together on (where applicable) so there is a special synergy.  We are are always in the background giving you an edge in the marketplace while you can get on being focused on what you love to do.  This package can be tailored to whatever your needs are.  It is often used for clients following website completion who have a lot of related content needing to be created.

Investment $385 plus GST per month

We are also very happy to tailor packages to individual situations to suit your needs.

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