We're here to help you

but only when & how you need it.

We work with a range of individuals, small businesses and community groups to help them develop and grow.

Looking for a better way forward?

People usually come to us because they need to make a change somewhere, need to grow somehow and/or need help navigating their way forward. These are a few areas we are found helping:

  • People who are stuck and need help with stepping into a new thing/phase/mission/project.
  • Working out whether a business or project idea is feasible and a good fit with the people involved.
  • Starting a business and everything that goes with this.
  • Help with projects and perhaps research around this from the establishment stage or part way along.
  • Growing a business beyond the start up phase with insight, ideas, research(where applicable) and strategy so it is running more effectively.
  • Helping businesses and community groups work together.
  • Businesses and community groups who are stuck or navigating changes in circumstances.
  • Growing a business so it fits with life and family stages.
  • Community groups needing help with ideas, strategy and service delivery.
  • Well being and productivity programmes.
  • Social enterprise ideas and initiatives.

If your situation isn't here but you think we might be able to help then please give us a call so we can chat about whether we might be able to do something great together.


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