Community repurposed

Ideas - vision - strategy - partnership - growth - social enterprise

Whilst we have a strong business focus in all that we do it is community and all the individuals and groups that make it up that are at the heart of who we are (to find our more about this check our our Giving Back page).  Our background prior to business was in the social service arena so we fully appreciate the challenges encountered in this arena and thoroughly enjoy applying our combined social and business knowledge to help.

These are the main areas we find ourselves helping community organisations:

Facilitating change and growth

We love to work with community groups to help them navigate their journey as they change and grow.  We can come on board to help facilitate the development of ideas, vision, strategy and plans to help you move forward and thrive. 

Community & businesses together

We really believe in the capacity of businesses and community groups working together to create dramatic change.  Our knack for seeing the potential of relevant connections and making the most of these is a real strength in our work with community groups and we enjoy helping you develop these partnerships.

Social enterprise for community groups

We get very excited about social enterprise initiatives so if you have an idea for a social enterprise for your group then we would love to talk with you.  Our business knowledge applied to developing social enterprise helps bring these initiatives to life much more efficiently and effectively saving valuable resources.  If you are curious about social enterprise and would like to learn more then we are happy to talk with you about how it might help your group.


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